Hi, I'm a music producer, mixing engineer, songwriter and musician from The Netherlands.

Somewhat different from the other kids in class, I became completely obsessed by music very early in primary school. Initially listening to bands from the 60's and 70's - and by punkrock bands later on - I formed my first bands, rehearsing in my parents' garage in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Since I was young I never had to think twice about my goal in life. I've always felt extremely lucky to know what I love, and to spend my days doing it.

After playing guitar in bands while growing up, I started rock band 'Destine' in 2006 as lead singer, main songwriter and guitarist. After touring non-stop we signed to Sony Music and released debut album 'Lightspeed'. Both the debut album and the follow-up 'Illuminate' entered the Dutch charts and several singles got major airplay success on Dutch radio, leading to tours in over 15 countries.

While off tour, I spent most of my days writing and home-recording new songs, learning the craft and eventually writing all songs on both Destine albums.

There's a lot fun parts about being in a band, but I've always found that the process of actually creating songs give me the biggest sense of achievement. I cherish moments when a song gets written without thinking, almost as if by a strike of a magic.

Both Destine albums were recorded with American award winning producer James Paul Wisner. Working with James in Florida was a dream come true and such an amazing experience for me. I was so eager to understand every single part of the process, and just seeing him do his thing every day might have been my best education I'll ever have. My second biggest influence is definitely David Bendeth (Paramore, Four Year Strong, Bring Me The Horizon), which I was lucky enough to spend time with in his studio in New Jersey when mixing 2 Destine songs.

Having written and recorded hundreds of demos through the years, in the end of 2012 I started working as a producer, mixing engineer and (co-)songwriter for lots of different bands and artists.

I love turning a small idea into a great sounding song. Sometimes musicians come in with just a vocal melody and a few chords on guitar/piano; it's my job to help out making it sound as good as possible while retaining the song's and artist's character. Other times songs are great as they are and just need to be recorded and mixed well. Every project is different and that definitely keeps it exciting.


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