January 28, 2014

Some action photos of all the great people that are nice enough to help me out building my studio. Almost done! Special shout out to Iddo Aan de Wiel for his amazing knowledge and hard work, cause one thing's for sure: if I had to do it myself the damn thing would have collapsed already.

Last things to do: electricity, lighting, cables, airconditioning, wooden floor, and acoustics (lots of bass traps and absorbers). Can't wait to finally move in!

January 13, 2014

Two new single releases this month that I produced and mixed:

The 101s - Chances (Punkrock)

Jasper Mook - What I Miss (Pop)

January 2, 2014

Let's kick this year of with some great news! After recording and mixing lots of bands/artists here at home in 2013, I finally took the step to move out and build my own studio. It's actually something that I've dreamt of for a long time, so it's definitely a big deal for me.

I'm building the control/mix room next to an already existing studio in Ridderkerk owned by my friend Iddo @ Starring Audio, and we're sharing the building with some other creative people.

We're currently building it, and I hope to be finished sometime late January. I'll make sure to upload some photos of the building progress once every while. Hit me up if you already want to book some studio time: robin@robinvanloenen.com

More rockwool, wood, metal and gypsum than I can afford.


Even more rockwool, wood, metal and gypsum than I can afford.


Picking up some chipboard for the studio underfloor. The fact that I had way too many boards that could ever fit in my car made it one of the scariest rides I've ever done.


Rocking the jig saw selfie.


The floor will consist of 4 different materials. First laying down some rubber as the first layer.


The second layer is 4cm thick chipboard


Building the walls: lots of rockwool and gypsum.


My father definitely has lots of talents that I haven't inherited.


The control/mix room will be about 4m by 5m.


Starting the 4th and final wall.


Studio neighbour/friend/colleague showing how it's done.


Good friend Willem has been nice enough too help out big time.


It's starting too shape up. First things to do: a door, a ceiling, an upper floor, and new lighting!


November 3, 2013

Currently re-amping guitars for punkrock band The 101s, sounding huge! Lots of things happening overhere:

  • Producing/mixing The 101s album (Punkrock)
  • Writing/producing for Jasper Mook (Pop)
  • Mixing a single for Sansarin (Rock)
  • Writing for Alex Green (Pop)
  • Writing for Andrew Adon (Dance)
  • Produced/mixed Harris Main album (Singer/songwriter)
  • Produced/mixed Britt Pols album (Singer/songwriter)
  • Produced/mixed Vortex University EP (Pop/rock)
  • Producing/mixing The Good, Bad & Bart EP(Country/pop)
  • Pre-producion for A Bridge Too Far EP (Rock/emocore)

    October 31, 2013

    I did a small interview on Smash Press about Destine, writing songs and working as a producer. Read it HERE. It's in Dutch, but somebody translated it to English HERE.

    September 20, 2013

    Very proud of being part of this. Jasper Mook's first single that I co-produced and co-wrote is out! The song was mixed by Nashville 9-time grammy award winning mixer F Reid Shippen, and mastered by Tom Coyne (Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Adele). Itunes link overhere.

    By the way, I added a discography section, where I try to keep track of everything I've done so far. Lots of work in progress at the moment, excited about all the things that are coming up!

    August 27, 2013

    The guys from the Amersfoort-based rockband SPENK. released the 4-song EP that I produced and mixed. Really proud of these mixes!

    August 21, 2013

    I produced and mixed 2 songs for a really cool new band called The Morning Hour. Watch the video for the single here:

    April 25, 2013

    Hey there,

    I'm very proud to present to you: my brand new website! This is where I'll keep you updated on everything I do. I've been really really busy lately: producing, mixing and writing songs, working with lots of different bands/artists.

    For people that read this that are not aware: last january, my band Destine released a statement saying we'd be going to spend time focusing on new things, exploring new horizons and chasing other ambitions. This was a hard decision to take, and let me say that it just didn't feel like the right time and place for writing a third album that is better than the first two. Sometimes you need new experiences in order to get where you need to be. Although this is/was pretty sad news for some people (and we definitely had really mixed feelings oursevles on it as well), this definitely doesn't mean a break-up and will only mean that the third album will eventually be the best it can possibly be.

    Well chasing other dreams is definitely what I did in the meantime. Since I can remember, one of my biggest dreams was to be a record producer (besides rockstar of course ;). The idea of constantly trying to make songs the best they can, just appealed to me. The experience of recording with James in Florida only amplified this ambition, and slowly the urge to do something with it was creeping in. Also, I found that I really want to try out how songs that I write will work fr other artists. That's also something that just has never happened because there was never any time left in my schedule.
    So here's a few things that I did in the last few months:

  • Produced/mixed an EP for Friday. Releasing soon.
  • Co-wrote 3 songs and did pre-production for Jasper Mook's EP.
  • Produced/mixed an EP for Spenk. Releasing soon.
  • Producing/mixing an EP for Harris Main. Work in progress.
  • Producing/mixing an album for Britt Pols. Work in progress.
  • Producing/mixing an EP for Vortex University. Work in progress.
  • Produced/mixed an song for Music Experience. Releasing soon.
  • Co-wrote with Taking Hayley (UK)

    I'm not nearly where I eventually want to be, but I love what I do and it's great to have the feeling to learn something new each day. Please check out the 'recording' section for sound snippets and let me know what you think! I'm always looking for interesting bands/artists to work with, so drop me a line if you'd like to talk about working together.

    Talk soon,